Women's Hormone Health Coach

Are you ready to live a hormone healthy lifestyle so you can show up looking and feeling your absolute best?

Get the support of a women's hormone coach.

Life has enough challenges – your hormones shouldn’t be one of them!

You have enough to manage, work, study, family, social life, without complicating things even more with hormonal struggles.

If you have ever struggled with any of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, you know how frustrating it can be to feel normal – much less your life.

Adult acne, facial hair, irregular periods, PCOS, mood swings,
infertility, weight gain…

These are just a few of the struggles we, women with a hormonal imbalance, can face.

Due to high levels of estrogen, women often have to work harder than men to lose weight. Having hormonal imbalances, you are all too familiar with weight loss woes.

And acne, you really thought we were out of that phase after middle-school. Am I right? But for some reason, you fight acne monthly on a never-ending battle for clear skin.

And, if you struggle to conceive, often, the issue is traced back to improper levels of necessary hormones in your body.

The problem is that you have been fighting your body instead of nurturing it.

As your women’s hormone and health coach, I’m here to tell you…

There is hope for balancing your hormones…and your life so that you can live normal.

Weight loss & Hormone Coaching

1:1 Coaching

A 90-Day holistic hormone health coaching experience designed to help you turn frustration & fatigue into your healthiest life ever. Are you ready to balance your hormones, lose weight, & more?

Weight Loss & Hormone Balance

Online Course

An immersive 12-week hormone health course that gives you the blueprint for living a healthy, balanced life so you can show up looking and feeling your best. Are you ready to feel empowered?

Women's Hormone Coach

Hello, I'm Rachel Leclerc!

I’m a Registered Nurse and Women’s Hormone Health Coach specializing in hormone balance and weight loss.

Feeling your best starts from the inside out. I believe that a healthy, balanced woman who feels her best, will shine and look her best. I help women from all stages of life take action to identify the root cause of their health and wellness struggles, remove any hormonal imbalances, and get you (back) on the road to living a balanced, healthy life.  

Whether you have been struggling with these symptoms for years or these are all very new, I am here to guide you! I educate women like you on the small steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle, to help you be the best version of yourself. Think of me as your pocket hype girl 🙂

hormone diet plan

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3 Day Hormone Reset Diet Plan

This quickstart guide will teach you about hormone loving foods and natural ways to find balance again. It even comes with a 3 day sample diet plan. Say goodbye to stress, start loving yourself more, love the fact you are woman, and regain control of your life!